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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

  • Application components

    • Workflows
    • Custom Entities
    • Storage
    • User Access
    • Mobility Support
  • Application administration

    • Unlimited Application Troubleshooting
    • Patch Installations
    • Version Upgrades
    • Data Migration Tools
  • Monitoring

    • System Software Monitoring
    • Application Server Monitoring
    • Database Monitoring
    • Service Level Agreement
    • Technical Support
  • $39.95/mo

    • 200
    • 300
    • 5GB
    • Online & offline
    • yes

    • yes
    • yes
    • yes
    • yes

    • yes
    • yes
    • yes
    • yes
    • yes
  • $39.95/mo
Attract Prospects

  • Streamline marketing campaign planning.
  • Initiate and distribute campaigns and communications instantly.
  • Centrally capture and track responses for marketing campaigns.

Amplify Sales

  • Improve sales planning and management.
  • Simplify workflow processes.
  • Manage opportunities effectively.

Delight Customers

  • Enhance customer service with insightful, actionable intelligence.
  • Deliver timely, relevant and personal service across all channels.
  • Respond to cases quickly and precisely.

  • Improve sales planning and management

    • Set up territories and teams for optimal organizational efficiency.
    • Create price lists, discounts and unit groups to streamline offer management.
    • Post sales best practices and tips in the Resource Center.
    • Use strong role-based and group-based permissions for easy information distribution.
    Sales -> Planning Improve sales planning and management
  • Manage accounts with insight and collaboration

    • Boost agent productivity with a familiar user interface that is natural and personal.
    • Create business connections across CRM activities and entities.
    • Build teams with users from multiple business units to own records and assigned roles.
    • Audit changes to business data with automatic notification.
    • Enable role-based access and permissions to accounts and data.
    Customer Service -> Accounts Manage accounts with insight and collaboration
  • Manage your data effectively

    • Effortlessly import data from other sources into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
    • Use predefined data-mapping rules or create new ones on the fly.
    • Confirm data import status with automatic e-mail notification.
    • Intelligently cleanse your data to eliminate duplications and decrease your cost per engagement(CPE).
    Marketing -> Data Manage your data effectively
  • Rapid customizations, dynamic services, and prebuilt functionality

    • Point-and-click customization of data management, workflow, user experience, access and security, analytics, and reporting.
    • Ability to deploy customizations either in your data center or in the cloud.
    • Application integration based on well-supported industry standards.
    • Extension of familiar and scalable technologies such as the Microsoft Office System, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Visual Studio, the Microsoft .NET Framework and Windows Server.
    Extended CRM -> xRM Framework Rapid customizations, dynamic services, and prebuilt functionality