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How does BSolutions work?

With BSolutions you use your application via the internet, which means that you can access any application no matter where you are in the world that provided you have an internet connection. Your system's data is stored within our secure World Class data center, and because it is based on our servers, you're unlikely to need to purchase any hardware - therefore reducing your costs. And what's more, responsibility for keeping the data secure and the maintenance of the system falls on us, the hosting company. This means you don't need to employ IT staff to look after the system, and you have the peace of mind that it, because it's hosted, it's being looked after by highly skilled IT experts.

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Is my data secured?

Absolutely! BSolutions hosted applications run on secure dedicated servers maintained by our Data Center team. Only authorized users identified by login and password can access and use the applications. Maintenance, security and data backup are taken care of. We host in our data center e-commerce websites and some of the largest corporate websites in the region with financial transactions occurring securely over their websites like Mobinil – Orascom Telecom – MSN Arabia – EgyptAir – Gulfair - NSGB – EFG Hermes – Arab Finance. Your data will probably be more secure with us than in your own network.

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What about your Data Center ?

Link Datacenter has been operational since 1996, Building valuable experience in terms of operational processes and system engineering skills. Our history in running our datacenter has allowed us to offer exceptional services to various ISPs, large enterprises as well as SMEs. Through the years, we have grown to hold the largest datacenter traffic in Egypt. Datacenter Facts

  • Number of corporate customers = 7500 +
  • Number of connections per second = 200K +
  • Datacenter Traffic in Gbps = 1.2 Gbps +
  • Page views per year = 1,000,000,000
  • No. Of Visits = 300,000,000
  • Live TV streams = 30 +

Financial Transactions per Year over the DC Network = LE 150,000,000

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Do you have a services uptime guarantee?

Yes, we guarantee a services availability uptime of 99%.

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What type of support is included in the hosting prices?

We offer business hours infrastructure support on our Hosted services and solutions

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What are the benefits of BSolutions hosted environment?

  • Fast Implementation :With BSolutions, you gain the ability to quickly implement your solution whether it is CRM, SharePoint or other BSolutions hosted application for your company in a matter of hours or few days.
  • Predictable Costs :With BSolutions, you can accurately predict how much money your service will cost you upfront.
  • Less IT Costs :Let us manage your solution for you. You do not need to have a dedicated staff on hand to maintain and troubleshoot your solution.
  • Stay Current with Technology : Never fear that your software will become obsolete and require another round of implementations and their associated costs.
  • Anywhere Access :All that is needed to operate hosted software is a browser and PCs connected to the internet. Which also means you can access it from anywhere.
  • Pay as you Go Licensing :As you grow or scale back employees you only pay for the licenses that you use. You are never wasting money on licenses that you don't need.
  • Enterprise-level Infrastructure :All services provided are protected with multiple levels of redundancy. Everything from the individual hard drives that your data resides on to the data centers where services are hosted from are either clustered or otherwise redundant.
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What happens when I’m offline for any reason? How can I access my CRM data

If you have outlook you can view your data offline and synchronize back when you are online again – furthermore, you can at any point export your data into excel sheets.

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What happens to my data when I end my subscription?

You will be able to export your data to excel sheets and we keep your data safe for a 30 day grace period .

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Can I upgrade and downgrade my subscription anytime?

Yes you can upgrade and downgrade your package at any time during your subscription.

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Is there any way for me to see the product without actually committing to a purchase?

Yes. At any time you can request 30 days free trial without any commitment or credit card information .

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I’m better off buying the CRM product on my server

The license on your own server for CRM would cost for 10 users about 10,000$ add to that the cost of administration staff – hardware - DB and other software licenses – network – office space – cooling – storage, etc. and all of that is of course paid as an upfront investment.

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I already have my own license, can I utilize it directly on BSolutions

Yes you can, you will only pay for the hosting and support facility .

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What options do you have to achieve authentication with customers running their own Active Directory ?

Active Directory Federated Services — ADFS is a standards-based service that allows the secure sharing of identity information between trusted business partners (known as a federation) across an extranet. When a user needs to access a Web application from one of its federation partners, the user's own organization is responsible for authenticating the user and providing identity information in the form of "claims" to the partner that hosts the Web application. The hosting partner uses its trust policy to map the incoming claims to claims that are understood by its Web application, which uses the claims to make authorization decisions.

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